Pan Seared Steak

Valentine’s Day is approaching. I love showing my Cookies how to create restaurant quality dinners at home for this very occasion. Restaurants everywhere will be jam packed! And I think it’s nicer to celebrate with your loved one in the comfort of your own home anyway. It’s more personal and intimate. And impressive!  You guys

Sloppy Joes

Ever watched the movie “It Takes Two”? It was one of my favorite childhood movies! I adored the Olsen twins. They’ve been my homies since their “Full House” days. Where was I going with this? Oh! Sloppy Joes! There’s a scene in “It Takes Two” where one of the twins eats a Sloppy Joe. She

Chicken Pot Pie

Cookies!! This cold weather has got to go! It makes me cook too much comfort food! Just something about the chill makes me want warmth…in the form of dinner. After this, we’re only cooking veggies! Okay, I’m lying, but that sounded like the right thing to say. Let’s talk Chicken Pot Pie… How easy was

Pie Crust

Cookies, we’re going back to the basics today. I always tell you guys I’m going to do a basics series. Then, I do one recipe, get side tracked, and move on to something else. You have got to start helping me stay focused! lol There are gonna be many pie recipes in our future together,

Taco Lasagna

Today, I’m sharing one of the first recipes I’ve made that people actually requested me to make over and over! Taco Lasagna. Definitely not authentic Mexican cuisine, but it’s pretty dang tasty! And it’s perfect for nights when you aren’t in the mood to cook an elaborate dinner. Oh, and the kiddos will love it!

Shrimp Stock

Every Cajun cook knows that a good stock is the heart of an amazing dish. I’ve tried many store bought seafood stocks. NONE of them compare to making it homemade. I love being able to control the flavor I impart into my cooking. One reason our cooking style here in the South is so special

Chicken and Spinach Tortellini Soup

My air conditioner is on as I type this. It’s almost 70 degrees today. And tomorrow it’ll probably get down to the 50’s. Typical winter in Louisiana! But, I couldn’t wait on the weather to make soup! I’ve been wanting soup all week! And today, I got in my kitchen and made this heavenly Chicken

Cottage/Shepherd’s Pie

Cottage/Shepherd’s Pie? I’m gonna explain. Don’t worry! There is lamb in traditional Shepherd’s Pie. Shepherd, sheep, lamb…of course. But, many of us in America opt to use ground beef instead of lamb due to availability and taste preferences. Doing so, turns Shepherd’s pie into Cottage pie! Now, look, if you enjoy lamb, use it! I

The BEST Beef Stew

Beef stew is one of my absolute favorite dishes to prepare! I love everything about the cooking process. The fresh herbs, simplicity of ingredients, and tender beef all make me happy! A lot of love goes into my pot! And I put even more into this recipe! Ready to try the BEST Beef Stew ever??!?

Strawberry Delight

My best friend, Danielle, used to do all of the cooking back in the day. I NEVER cooked. It happened by chance. I just one day decided to put a pot on the stove. Haven’t turned back since! Back to the story. My bad. Danielle made some super bomb desserts! She introduced me to one