Cottage/Shepherd’s Pie

Cottage/Shepherd’s Pie? I’m gonna explain. Don’t worry! There is lamb in traditional Shepherd’s Pie. Shepherd, sheep, lamb…of course. But, many of us in America opt to use ground beef instead of lamb due to availability and taste preferences. Doing so, turns Shepherd’s pie into Cottage pie! Now, look, if you enjoy lamb, use it! I

Baked Mac and Cheese

The Great Mac & Cheese debate has worked my dang nerves! “I like it dry!” “Creamy!” “American cheese has to be in it!” “No processed cheese!!” If y’all don’t sit down somewhere! Goodness! It’s MACARONI AND CHEESE! I understand that everyone has their individual tastes. But, you’ll never know what you like if you only

Southern Cornbread Dressing

When it comes to homemade dressing, my mother is Beyoncé. No, seriously. Everyone who has ever tasted her dressing falls in love. So, when the Cookies asked for a Southern Cornbread Dressing recipe I got nervous instantly! Like come on! How am I gonna top Beyoncé‘s recipe? Like how?? Then, I remembered. Coop is Beyoncé‘s child.

Creamy Pastalaya

I don’t know what it is about cooler weather and Halloween that makes me want Pastalaya. It’s just what I like to eat while watching “Hocus Pocus”. I know I’m not the only one that gets seasonal cravings! If you’ve never heard of Pastalaya, it’s basically Jambalaya with pasta instead of rice. It’s delicious! I

Seafood Cornbread Dressing

It’s that time of the year again!!! Thanksgiving is approaching. I’ve read ALL of your emails and I shall deliver the goods! My Cookies want Thanksgiving food and I’m gonna give Thanksgiving food! Starting with the most requested dish….Seafood dressing! Cookies, DO NOT USE JIFFY CORNBREAD IN MY DRESSING! I have absolutely nothing against Jiffy.

7 Up Pound Cake

I have a list of recipes I think every Southern cook should master. 7 Up Pound Cake is definitely at the top of that list. The ingredients are few and the method is a breeze. You’ll have this recipe committed to memory in no time. After you make it once, everyone will be begging you

Oven Baked BBQ Ribs

Oven Baked BBQ Ribs. Claude hammercy! Just typing those words make me hungry!! I love BBQ. And my dad is the BBQ king! I know. Everyone thinks their father or uncle is the best. But, I’m telling the truth. The man has skills on the grill! Unfortunately, I know nothing about handling the pit. I’d