Southern Green Beans

Cookies, I’ve been on a veggie kick. I’ve been craving nothing, but green veggies. Thank God! Oh, hold up. NO, Coop is not baking anything in her oven, okay. That’s not why I’m having cravings. Cut it out. lol  I love green beans. But, I don’t like them with meat. Strange? Probably. But, you know

Chicken Salad

It’s hot. My attitude is horrible. I went off on my fridge, because it shot out crushed ice instead of cubes. Wasn’t the refrigerator’s fault. Hell, I’m the one who pressed the wrong option. I’m just HOT! Which means, simple and cool cooking ONLY! I’m giving you my legendary Chicken Salad recipe.   Yes, I

The Nap Cake

Your girl was NOT planning to post anything today! But, you know how I get when I’m bored. And I couldn’t let that extra Bourbon sauce from the bread pudding go to waste! So, what did I do? I made the easiest and most moist Vanilla Bundt cake! Then I literally drowned that baby in

Lazy Roast Beef Po’ Boys

Yes. You read right.I call them Lazy Roast Beef Po-boys, because we’re not doing any of that long slow cooking of a roast. We’re letting the deli to all of that mess. Besides, I don’t like the pulled beef style po boys. I like the sliced, deli meat. You know, I guess we just call

Juicy Baked Chicken

My beginner Cookies checked me so smoothly! I received a slew of emails for easy recipes. Have I been getting carried away? My apologies, babies. We’ll go back to the basics for a bit. Let’s start with easy. breezy baked chicken! Dry chicken is a sin and a shame. We must avoid that foolishness at

Easy White Cake

My darling Cookies know that baking is NOT my thing! I made this white cake just because I had strawberries and milk in the fridge and I was bored. Magic happens that way. I prayed, whipped out the mixer, and this is what happened!   I shared this cake on Facebook and, unexpectedly, it went

The Best Pot Roast Ever…No Seriously. Ever!

Pot Roast. Classic. Slow cooked. Tender. Words that come to mind when Pot Roast comes to mind. Get it? Okay, anyway, I’m giving you the best one ever.  Searing the roast before placing it in the oven helps make it fork tender and juicy. Don’t forge the fresh herbs! You know Rosemary is my favorite.